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An Expert Philadephia Pressure Washing Company

Pressure washing

If you're looking for a pressure washing company to service your Philadephia property, look no further than Penn Clean Pressure Washing. We provide exceptional pressure washing for Philadephia residents and business owners to take the pressure of property maintenance off of you. You'll be so amazed at the clean finish that pressure washing can provide compared to manual cleaning methods you'll never go back. 

Penn Clean Pressure Washing was founded in 2022 with family and community in mind. We take pride in improving the appearance of Philadephia homes and businesses through our comprehensive set of services. We can handle any of your residential or commercial property cleaning needs with services such as: 

  • House Washing
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Storefront Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Deck Washing
  • And more!

Our tried and true pressure washing methods, quality cleaning solutions, and attention to detail set us as Philadephia's top pressure washing company. We're available for routine work and one-time jobs; either way, you'll be left with reliable, unrivaled results.

Call Penn Clean Pressure Washing today at 215-918-9780 to learn more about why we're Philadephia's first choice for a pressure washing company.

Power Washing Pros To Clean Your Exterior Surfaces

After working together for a different business, our founders decided to take the step and turn their exceptional skills into a pressure washing company of their own. Now, Penn Clean Pressure Washing excels in providing clean and clear finishes to all exterior areas of the home.

Pressure washing provides a clean that manual methods can't manage, effectively removing hard-to-wash surfaces such as rooftops, concrete, wood, and siding. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty at Penn Clean Pressure Washing, so you don't have to.

Property Upkeep with Pressure Washing Services

At Penn Clean Pressure Washing, our services are about more than improving appearances. We provide residential and commercial pressure washing to extend the lifespan of your home or business. Just as we wash our bodies to prevent infection and disease, your building's surfaces need to be cleansed to protect them from erosion and decay. Before considering costly renovations or replacements for your property, schedule a service with Penn Clean Pressure Washing. It may turn out that all you needed was a powerful clean.

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