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The roof of your Philadephia home works hard to protect you and your family from the elements all throughout the year. This leaves your shingles vulnerable to several common roofing issues such as stubborn stains and pesky organic growth, but the team of experts here at Penn Clean Pressure Washing can tackle all of those problems and more with our top of the line roof softwash service. We lead the way when it comes to high-quality professional pressure washing for Philadephia residences, and we know you'll absolutely love the results when you choose us as your exterior cleaning specialists.

Penn Clean Pressure Washing: Soft Washing For A Stronger Roof

Professional roof softwash is the number one way to keep your Philadephia roof strong and healthy for many more years to come. When you include our roof softwash service as part of your exterior home maintenance routine, you're doing a whole lot more than simply boosting your overall curb appeal. You're also doing your part to make sure that your shingles stay in prime condition all year round!

Soft washing, especially performed by an expert, completely rids your exterior surfaces of dirt, grime, and other potentially harmful substances such as mold and mildew that can quickly deteriorate the structural integrity of the material. This helps you avoid the need for costly repairs and replacements down the line while ensuring that your exterior surfaces meet or exceed their expected lifespan.

Looking to completely transform another area of your home? We also offer top-notch house softwash for pristine siding that looks flawless from every angle!

What Is Organic Growth And How Does It Affect My Shingles?

Organic growth refers to any living organism that takes up residence on your exterior surfaces. These substances can include algae, moss, lichens, mold, and mildew, and they all detract from both the beauty and overall health of your home. This is especially true for your shingles, but routine professional roof softwash can help stop the development of organic growth right in its tracks!

Here are a few ways that organic growth can wreak havoc on your shingles:

  • Have you ever seen those black, streaky stains on a rooftop before? Contrary to popular belief, that's actually not dirt—it's algae! While algae isn't inherently harmful, the same conditions that allow it to thrive can also lead to mold and mildew growth, increasing the risk for potential health hazards.
  • Moss has its own kind of charm, but it can do some serious damage. When moss grows beneath your shingles, it can easily bend, warp, or even break them if left untreated. This can lead to expensive repairs, and it's always best to take care of it as soon as the issue arises.
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